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Priscilla Queen of the Desert WOWS the audience at the Rhyl Pavilion

Our very own Karen and Lolly headed over to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert at the Rhyl Pavilion last night and suffice to say they loved it. Karen has kindly let us post up her review that she has done for Blazing Minds, so please have a read and check out the show at the Theatre until Saturday.

Last night we took a trip to the Australian outback on a journey with Priscilla Queen of the Desert, in the musical adaption of the brilliant movie that starred Hugo Weaving, Terrance Stamp and Guy Pearce.

The stage was set at the Rhyl Pavilion and upon entering the theatre we were greeted with an image of Australia and some brilliant music from the Disco era, of course, those of us that have been delighted and thrilled by the original movie knew what we were getting, well sort of.

For those of you who haven’t seen the film or know the story of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, the stage musical follows the film very closely as three drag queen friends hop aboard a battered old bus bound for Alice Springs to put on the show of a lifetime. Along the way, they find out more about each other and themselves as well as some hidden secrets, but their epic journey is one that is full of tears and laughter on their madcap journey to a Casino for that big show.

With a show such as Priscilla Queen of the Desert, your main thoughts got to the bus and indeed the locations that they visit in the movie, but with such amazing set design, the magical tour looks amazing, the sets are superbly designed and lit, Priscilla (the bus) is done in such a brilliant way that you get views of the inside, outside and the front as the three stars travel across Australia.

The musical numbers are all wonderfully performed and Joe McFadden (Tick/Mitzi), Miles Western (Bernadette) and Nick Hayes (Felicia/Adam) perform wonderfully throughout the show, they also work very well together with the fantastic writing, the one-liners and double entendre’s from Bernadette are priceless and certainly had the audience laughing loudly.

Speaking of the cast, I have to say that Joe McFadden certainly brought his own style in for the character of Tick/Mitzi, originally played by Hugo Weaving in the 1994 movie, Joe brought something fresh to the role, but he certainly knows how to camp up the character and still bring in the feeling his character has not only passion for his choice in life, but also or the secret that he hides from Bernadette and Adam.

Nick Hayes was equally brilliant in the role of Felicia/Adam, played in the movie by Guy Pearce, now here’s a character that in the movie was certainly the wild one and in the musical, it’s the same, with daring and very many rude remarks, the character is brought to the stage with passion, to be honest I didn’t think anyone else could beat Pearce for this one, but I was mistaken.

Now the actor that got me interested back in the movie of Priscilla Queen of the Desert was Terrance Stamp, who played Bernadette, the ageing “Lay Girls” performer that keeps Tick and Adam under control, sort of, in the musical, the role is portrayed by Miles Western. He’s fantastic as Bernadette and there is certainly an on-stage presence when Miles is up on the boards, just superb.

This brand new production comes from the team behind the critically acclaimed UK tours of Hairspray; with direction by Paul Kerryson, choreography by Tom Jackson-Greaves with designs by Phil R Daniels and Charles Cusick Smith, lighting design by Ben Cracknell and sound design by Ben Harrison and I have to say that everyone involved in the production has done an outstanding job on the show.

I’ve not laughed out loud at the theatre for a while and being a fan of the movie, I am over the moon that this new production has shown passion for the movie and the book, Priscilla Queen of the Desert The Music is a must-see and I can’t recommend it enough, you really can’t miss this brilliant adventure with these wonderful Queens.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert The Musical is on at the Rhyl Pavilion until 28th October 2019, don’t miss it and if you see the show and want something a little extra, there is an after-show party at the 1981 restaurant on Saturday night and it’s free entry with Happy Hour 10 pm – 11 pm.

A 5 Star review from Karen. (Source)


The Weekly Skid - A Mark of Excellence

The Weekly Skid - The mark of excellence 

Every Tuesday exclusive to Phase Radio Wales between 7 & 9pm

Catch up service to be available on this website and on mixcloud and iTunes (iTunes version will be without music due to licensing laws and will be listed as a Podcast)

(A comedic view of the last 7 days of news with challenges, fun features and much more)

The Weekly Skid is a brand new show on Phase Radio Wales hosted by Phil Woods and Graham Bevins, but what is it all about? You might be asking, and why such a ridiculous name? 

Well the story begins in the year of our Lord 2013 when one of the presenters, Phil Woods discovered this strange thing in his house, it had all the letters of the alphabet on it plus as an added bonus it had numbers too, but the letters were all jumbled up, so Phil naturally thought it was a wordsearch game on plastic, but after doodling a bit on this plastic wordsearch and only finding the words 'as', 'wert' and 'lo' his pen made a letter move in a downward motion and this magic box in front of him lit up in almighty technicolour, he then noticed that the letters on his plastic wordsearch would magically appear on this thing similar to a television immediately, he'd not seen such an amazing thing since the moment he realised that monkeys were real things, when his parents took him to the zoo, he just thought Monkeys were like a fictional version of a Wookie. 

To move the story on at some pace now Phil's little fingers got busy and he created a website (for those of you less technically minded, a website is a site situated on the web, something you are currently reading this on. Think of it as a book but on a screen.), upon this website Phil, along with his friend Steve Smith wrote a news story every day for around two years. The website's success spawned a book (spawned is like giving birth but without all the goo), and the website went from a handful of readers (not literally a handful of people, because that would be ridiculous as neither of them lived anywhere near Lilliput) to having over a million readers. The stories would read like news stories but were obviously fake, with headlines such as 'Pork Reclassified as a Meat' and  "Large Supermarket Chain to Sell Generic False Teeth', designed to make people laugh rather than fool them (not Donald Trump, "They all spout fake news" nonsense.

So now you know how the show got its title, but what's going to happen during these two amazing hours on a Tuesday evening, well Phil and Graham will be looking at stories from the past week and talking about them in their own unique, and sometimes controversial, but almost always funny way. They'll have challenges for each other based on that weeks news, they'll get a bit silly, they'll even invite the audience to join in some games and occasionally have competitions too. It isn't all fun and frolics though, they will also be playing you some great music in between their moments of insanity.

Tune in for Episode One on Tuesday 24th September between 7 and 9pm, you don't want to miss this one.


24 Hour Radio Show Fundraiser Raffle

We're edging that little bit closer to the 24 Hour Radio Show Fundraiser which is taking place on the 5th of October, Karen Woodham and Will Tomlinson-Roberts will be doing their show for 24 hours, the show is going to be featuring special guests and a live version of The Dark Room!

During the show, there will be also the draw for the raffle that we are running and the prize list is growing daily, with prizes being kindly donated by many of the local businesses etc.

Raffle tickets will be available from the studio and from the Step Back in Time event that The Hasbeens are putting on the Prestatyn Con Club on the 27th September.

24 Hour Radio Show Fundraiser Raffle Prizes

  • Deadpool artwork by Art of Fish
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show art by Going Potty with Sam
  • Autographed picture of Star Trek Deep Space Nine's ODO (played by René Auberjonois)
  • Autographed Eddie the Eagle framed poster
  • Suicide Squad Bullet Case with Character T-Shirts
  • Meal for two and a bottle of wine from the Cookhouse in Prestatyn 
  • Exclusive Amazengrave hand-engraved glassware.
  • A family ticket (4 tickets to either the junior or adult arena) to Ninja TAG in Rhyl

More prizes will be added soon. If you would like to support the fundraiser then you can donate via the GoFundMe page or by popping in the studio, if you run a local business and would like to sponsor an hour of the show, then please email us, raffle prizes are always welcome to help and of course if you would like a poster for your shop give us a shout.


Cyclist Raises £2000 for RNLI Cycling to Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale Caravan and Lodge Park is having something very special happening on Saturday 7th September, as one of the caravan owners is cycling 98 miles from Wolverhampton to Sunnyvale in Rhyl. 

Dodge Downing is expected to be arriving at Sunnyvale Caravan & Lodge Park at approx 12 noon on Saturday, this momentous cycle ride is in aid of the RNLI and Dodge has raised £2,000

Fellow caravan owners and staff of Sunnyvale will be out at the Fforyd Bridge from 11:30 am to welcome back Dodge as he heads into Rhyl, if you would like to be there to see him return and to applaud his fundraising then join in this Saturday, 7th September, at Sunnyvale Caravan & Lodge Park from 11:30 am

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