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The Weekly Skid - A Mark of Excellence

The Weekly Skid - A Mark of Excellence

The Weekly Skid - The mark of excellence 

Every Tuesday exclusive to Phase Radio Wales between 7 & 9pm

Catch up service to be available on this website and on mixcloud and iTunes (iTunes version will be without music due to licensing laws and will be listed as a Podcast)

(A comedic view of the last 7 days of news with challenges, fun features and much more)

The Weekly Skid is a brand new show on Phase Radio Wales hosted by Phil Woods and Graham Bevins, but what is it all about? You might be asking, and why such a ridiculous name? 

Well the story begins in the year of our Lord 2013 when one of the presenters, Phil Woods discovered this strange thing in his house, it had all the letters of the alphabet on it plus as an added bonus it had numbers too, but the letters were all jumbled up, so Phil naturally thought it was a wordsearch game on plastic, but after doodling a bit on this plastic wordsearch and only finding the words 'as', 'wert' and 'lo' his pen made a letter move in a downward motion and this magic box in front of him lit up in almighty technicolour, he then noticed that the letters on his plastic wordsearch would magically appear on this thing similar to a television immediately, he'd not seen such an amazing thing since the moment he realised that monkeys were real things, when his parents took him to the zoo, he just thought Monkeys were like a fictional version of a Wookie. 

To move the story on at some pace now Phil's little fingers got busy and he created a website (for those of you less technically minded, a website is a site situated on the web, something you are currently reading this on. Think of it as a book but on a screen.), upon this website Phil, along with his friend Steve Smith wrote a news story every day for around two years. The website's success spawned a book (spawned is like giving birth but without all the goo), and the website went from a handful of readers (not literally a handful of people, because that would be ridiculous as neither of them lived anywhere near Lilliput) to having over a million readers. The stories would read like news stories but were obviously fake, with headlines such as 'Pork Reclassified as a Meat' and  "Large Supermarket Chain to Sell Generic False Teeth', designed to make people laugh rather than fool them (not Donald Trump, "They all spout fake news" nonsense.

So now you know how the show got its title, but what's going to happen during these two amazing hours on a Tuesday evening, well Phil and Graham will be looking at stories from the past week and talking about them in their own unique, and sometimes controversial, but almost always funny way. They'll have challenges for each other based on that weeks news, they'll get a bit silly, they'll even invite the audience to join in some games and occasionally have competitions too. It isn't all fun and frolics though, they will also be playing you some great music in between their moments of insanity.

Tune in for Episode One on Tuesday 24th September between 7 and 9pm, you don't want to miss this one.

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