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Phase Radio Wales Launch the Prestatyn Hour on Twitter

Phase Radio Wales Launch the Prestatyn Hour on Twitter

Here at Phase Radio Wales we love to see the community coming together, be it businesses or the public, Friday the 29 Nov sees the first Prestatyn Hour that we are running on Twitter, it's a chance for those using Twitter that live and/or work in the town to join in and have their say and introduce themselves and their business.

"Hours" on Twitter have become very popular over the last few years and we noticed that a Prestatyn Hour is missing on the social network platform, we will be kinging off the hashtag hour at 7 pm tonight and then every Friday evening from 7pm on Twitter, to get involved follow our Twitter account @RealPhaseRadio and the #PrestatynHour hashtag, we have scheduled some questions to go out during the hour for people to get involved,this is also a great way for the community to come together and see what Prestatyn has to offer for businesses and for entertainment.

If you've never done a Twitter Chat before, they are really easy to do, simply reply to the Q tweets starting with A and the number of the question with your answer and ending with the #PrestatynHour hashtag.

So we hope to see you tonight for our first Twitter Chat.

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