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Coronavirus: Schools in Wales to Close from Friday

Coronavirus: Schools in Wales to Close from Friday

In more news today with regards to the Coronavirus the announcement has been made that schools in Wales will be closing from Friday (20 March 2020), the announcement was made earlier today that all schools in Wales will close by Friday at the latest in response to the coronavirus outbreak.


Shortly after England and Scotland took similar steps with all schools and nurseries closing from the end of the week and may not reopen before summer, the country's Education Minister Kirsty Williams said she was bringing forward the Easter break, she also confirmed that all school exams this summer have been cancelled.

Ms Williams said, "Today's decision will help ensure an orderly closure, so schools have time to prepare," she went on to say, "Children will be off for four weeks but I have to be clear with parents, I am not anticipating we will be able to get schools back to normal at the end of the Easter break [or] for a considerable period of time."

Ms Williams also said this summer's exams would not go ahead, with GCSE (year 11) and A-level (year 13) students to be graded on the work already completed.

"We recognise there are no easy choices but we have agreed that the best way forward is not to proceed with summer exam series," she said.

"Learners due to sit their GCSEs and A-levels this summer will be awarded a fair grade to recognise their work, drawing on the range of information that is available."

The performance of individual schools will also not be measured by the results.

Regulatory body Qualifications Wales welcomed the decision to cancel exams and said it gave "clarity" to pupils, parents and teachers during an "unprecedented" situation.

"In this extreme circumstance with widespread global disruption, there is no ideal scenario for exams which, by nature, run as carefully controlled events," it said in a statement.

"Our priority is ensuring fairness for learners while following public health advice."

Childcare centres are expected to remain open until advice is given to close them.



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