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About Phase Radio

Phase Radio is an internet radio station based in the heart of the vibrant community of Prestatyn. We aim to provide a distinctive mixed music and speech service, targeting a broad audience and appealing to all age groups over 35.

We broadcast 24/7 with live presenter-led shows starting at 7.00am through until 10pm in the evening. The schedule is split into two Daytime and Evening. Daytime shows will play a range of popular and familiar music. The shows take dedications and requests and the presenters will by and large focus on issues of the town itself as well as wider more general points that affect us all. As well running quizzes and prize competitions. The Evening schedule tends to comprise niche shows playing styles of music with dedicated followers. ‘Simply Soul with Pete Mac’ Thursday evenings 7.00pm-9.00pm for example is a show that plays mostly soul and specifically Northern Soul Pete’s well-established listener base

We plan to augment our remit of a mere standard local radio station by working in close synergy with and extending specialised services to the larger community of Prestatyn. One of these specialised services would be a work/education experienced programme designed to tie-in with the WJEC Media Studies KS3 and 4  module ‘Studying Radio’.

Phase Radio is also in the process of creating our own audio/visual multi-media suite and video editing facilities. The video service, once up and running will help to enhance live web-cam studio broadcasts and also be offered to the wider community to use for making video for a wide range of subjects.

Many more projects, including shows led by members of the public and charity groups, are planned.

Already during the set-up process, we have established links, via sponsorship, with many regional businesses and local enterprises who have been of invaluable assistance to us to building up the basic infrastructure of the studio and central hub of activity which is Phase Radio. From builders and electricians to local coffee houses and entertainment centres enterprises and small businesses are taking a keen interest in and often contributing skills to creating Phase Radio. We wish to build on this momentum by continuing to consolidate and strengthening our links with local interests and concerns while simultaneously seeking out new collaborators.

If you are interested in joining, helping, collaborating or contributing contact

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Helicopter over Prestatyn

A police helicopter seen over Prestatyn yesterday was, along with armed police, pursuing a group of men through a very busy Prestatyn town. The chase culminated in a crash, involving a Police BMW and an uninvolved blue Hyundai by the town’s library in Kings Avenue. The police BMW was reported to be been slightly damaged at the front while the Hyundai was significantly more damaged. Nobody is believed to have been injured in the crash.

The police team were chasing a suspected stolen Mini Cooper that was later found abandoned.

A police spokesman said “Police were in pursuit of a stolen vehicle which had failed to stop for officers several times”


Local woman banned from every McDonalds in Wales

At North Wales Magistrates Court in Mold yesterday 28 year old Loise Marie Powell received a 12 month ban from every McDonalds in Wales. On the December 22 last year Ms Powell entered McDonalds in Mold in a drunken state and started being abusive to staff. When Rebekah Uden, another female diner, questioned her behaviour and asked her not to rude to staff she was assaulted. Outside Ms Powell then assaulted the husband of the said diner and Natalie Giblin a member of staff as well as smashing a 7ft by 3ft window. Police were called shortly after 10pm.

 Along with the ban Ms Powell was also ordered to pay £150 in compensation to each of her three victims along with £115 surcharge.

District Judge Gwyn Jones said the attack was completely unprovoked in the presence of families and children trying to enjoy their food and that the event warranted a custodial sentence but as the defendant had pleaded guilty, and it had been established by defending solicitor Helen Tench that she was a vulnerable person with alcohol issues and that she was currently being supported by NACRO.

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